Stella McCartney In Discussion With Kate Hudson

Stella McCartney In Discussion With Kate Hudson

"Let's go back to the beginning," Kate Hudson began as she took to the Vogue Festival stage with her long-time friend Stella McCartney.

"Oh gosh, she's going to be good at this, isn't she?" McCartney smiled to the audience, before giggling: "This is so funny!"

The next distraction was the cry of a baby at the back of the auditorium: "What was that," McCartney said, as both of them looked up. "We've got our baby radars on."

"We're both lactating," Hudson laughed.

The duo were soon reminiscing about the first time they met.

"We met at the VH1 Fashion Awards," Hudson said. "I saw her - she was so cool - standing in this doorway with Keith Richards."

"I always carry Keith Richards with me in my handbag so I look cool," McCartney deadpanned.

Memory Lane visited, the twosome talked about their similar present priorities: family.

"My kids are funny," McCartney said. "They are all so different. My eldest, he just likes football. The middle two - a girl and a boy - are quite close in age, and they're both really in to fashion. My daughter says, 'I like this dress mummy, but can't we make it a bit shorter?' - and my son will say, 'I love that colour of blue'. He's the one who I say, 'Will you come and work with me when you're older? Do you promise?'"