James Performs At Lorraine's Show On ITV Today

Here is a clip from James' TV appearence on ITV today,Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

He seems to have sorted his hair out,it looks much better now,
I really wish he smiles more,he looks like a very unhappy person,i can see he is shy but still.
Love Paul's bit though,so cool ,it even brough a smile on James'face,he should learn how to be cheerful and thankfull for all he had in life from the fantastic dad of his.

Anonymous said...

I agree that his hair needs some sort of intervention, but I don't mind his hair as much as I mind his glumness. Maybe he's just shy, but if you're so shy that talking to a tv interviewer is painful to you, why go into public line of work like show business? I wish James all the best in the world, but I wish him happiness more than I wish him show biz success, and it would be nice to know that he IS happy.