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Little Miss Junior meets Mary McCartney

 Little Miss Junior meets Mary McCartney and Johnnie Boden

Afternoon high tea and party night on Oxford Street

by Matthew Holroyd

Yesterday evening Little Miss J had social obligations to attend. “Shall I wear Cavalli or Dolce?” she pondered. As she had been personally invited by Mary McCartney to a tea party at Selfridges for the launch of Mary's new charity T-shirt range for Mini A Ture, in aid of the Sunway Children’s Home in India, she opted for a darling floral Mini A Ture tea dress. At 5pm sharp, Little Miss J is drinking organic banana and soy smoothies in the exclusive VIP lounge, enjoying a tete-a-tete with Mary. “Now I have met your sister, Stella and you: when am I meeting Paul for tea?” Anne Katrine Lemvigh Montag, Little Miss J’s all-time favorite designer and founder of Mini A Ture was on hand and they both agreed that Little J should come to Mini A Ture’s studio in Copenhagen for some pre-season fittings.

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Stella McCartney on 2010 Time 100 List

Our Stella is in this year's  2010 Time 100 List ,for the second year in a row,good for her,and this is what she has to say :

TIME 100 Alumnae
Stella McCartney

What do you consider your biggest accomplishment?

Having children, being a wife and running my own business.

Who is the person who had the most effect or influence on you when you were growing up?

I would say my parents, my mother and my father, more than anyone. It was their way of life in general, what they believed in and their ethics. The way they parented was incredibly free and yet at the same time had structure and discipline.


This is an interview of Mary published today in  El Pais a spanish newspapper ,I tried my best to translate it,if there are any mistakes I apologize spanish is not my forte,if you can make correction please send me a message..


"I make a living like everybody else"

GALAZ MABEL 29/04/2010

Got art in their blood. Her parents, Paul McCartney and Linda Eastman, have made more than a genetic fingerprint. Although dark, physically she looks more like her mother and has her father’s gestures. From Linda she has also inherited her profession: photography. Though her family's position she could have been devoted to a life of leisure like other rich heiress, she defines herself as "a working woman, like her sister Stella, one of the great designers of the moment. "I make a living like everyone else," he proclaims. The surname helped, but without talent her career would not have last 15 years. She is 41.

Mary orders a green tea and smiles to see that it is organic. she is vegetarian like all her family, she is warning about the dangers of eating meat and its influence on climate change. She arrived hungry at breakfast. Rose from the table to choose a fruit  offered in addition to the buffet and grab a yogurt. Not making scrambled eggs, as she does every morning at her home in London, because the breakfast time is too late in Spain. She is in Madrid just for a few hours to present a project that excites her. "We will support women who want to work in the fashion world. Shall also mentor to help them open ways. Juanjo Oliva, Carolina Herrera are alse involved In this project and it has the backing of Las Rozas Village and the Community of Madrid.

McCartney is very talkative, so it is difficult to follow. She’s upset because she has to leave soon and may not go to the Prado, or stroll through Madrid a city she visits for the first time. Dreaming through the streets with her camera. When she finished studying she started working in the atelier of her mother and helped her with her archives. One of the things she regrets is not taking more photos to Linda before she died. "So I always encourage everyone do family photos, children with parents, parents to grandparents. I myself am taking pictures all day with my father." And as for Mary, the picture is more than a click. "I'm interested in what's behind the characters, so I try to capture something more than what meets the eye."

She puts aside her long hair in a cute gesture, while she takes the orange juice after finishing the yogurt. Grab a glass of water and keeps talking. One of her favorite photos is of a dancer with the Royal Ballet of London at which photographed submerged in the bathtub of her home. Although the most famous is that he made to Tony Blair and his wife, Cherie, with her newborn son Leo at No. 10 Downing Street. "Blair called me personally, I wanted something other than an official portrait. The baby was 36 hours old, so I decided to work only with natural light."

Mary is very attentive to the British elections, but has not yet decided for who to vote. "It's very hard to believe in politicians, it is hard to trust them more and more. I would vote for the Greens, but things are not very useful. I am surprised at the appearance in Nick Clegg's campaign but I wonder if behind him there is something more than what you see. " It seems that David Cameron will not get her vote or even the possibility of repeating the baby picture at 10 Downing Street. "I know Samantha, his wife, I've done several reportages for her, but I do not think Cameron will call me."

Finish breakfast and salad is still intact. Pose for the photo, put a carnation in her ear and exclaims: "Flamenco."






No secret where Nancy get her clothes from  lol











Meet The Man Who Helped The Beatles Creat Their Distinctive Sound

The Liverpool Echo

"WHO would ever have thought when we were making those albums that it was going to go on?” muses Geoff Emerick. “In fact I was talking to Paul recently when he did the Hollywood Bowl.

“We were talking about things that have happened over the last 40 years, and there aren’t any words that can actually describe what happened, they don’t exist, because it will never happen again.”

Of course the Paul in question is Sir Paul, his Macca-ness, and the phenomenon Geoff is referring to is The Beatles – the band that revolutionised millions of lives in the 1960s, including that of one teenager from London.

Geoff, now 63, was a 15-year-old straight out of school and on only his second day at work at Abbey Road studios when four lads from Liverpool arrived to make their first record Love Me Do.

Their first LP soon followed, famously recorded in one 12 hour session.

He recalls: “I was the assistant on the session when we overdubbed the special piano sound on Misery that George Martin played on and then I couldn’t believe what I was hearing from that album.

“It was magic, absolute magic.

“You were going through all the political stuff in England at that time and it was pretty dirgy and this was just a breath of fresh air you know?

“When George Martin put his half-speed piano on Misery to go with the guitar solo, that showed me more could be done with tape and stuff so that was the beginning of it.”

Fast forward half-a-century and we’re sitting where it all began – well, as close as you can since the original was razed – in the Cavern where Geoff and US stage producer Stig Edgren are auditioning sound-a-like John, Paul, George and Ringos (mostly Johns it turns out) for a new live spectacular-in-the-round – The Beatles Sessions – due to open in LA this October.

The pair are checking out hopefuls in Liverpool, London, New York and LA. After two days of auditions and call backs, a quartet from the city on the Mersey have made it to the final auditions next month.
The Beatles Sessions will recreate Abbey Road’s Studio 2 and the amazing, music world-changing sounds created within its walls by the Beatles from Love Me Do to Abbey Road.

No one, apart from perhaps Sir George Martin and the two remaining Beatles, knows what went on there better than Geoff.

He started his career as assistant to sound engineer Norman Smith who was in charge of recording each of the Fab Four’s early recordings up to and including Rubber Soul.

Geoff took over the helm with Revolver, the album that would change the sound of the Beatles forever.
“It all started really with Revolver because on Tomorrow Never Knows which was the first track we cut, the multi-track machine for those sessions was located in another room down the corridor,” he explains.

“The operator could monitor the tracks separately or combined, and all the rest of the staff from the studios were hanging around outside the multi-track room just bewildered by what was coming out.
“They’d obviously heard nothing like it, especially the loops and the backward guitar on other tracks, but that was really the beginning and I changed all the mic technique that they’d been used to.

“We were making this stuff up with glue, strings and bits of bandage and abusing the equipment. That’s the only way I could come up with the goods, overdriving the equipment to make things really punch out.

“It was exciting. But now everyone is painting by numbers, everything sounds the same.”

Geoff would go on to engineer all the band’s remaining recordings, including the ground-breaking Sgt Pepper album which also features his own favourite Beatles track – A Day In The Life.

He recalls: “The night we recorded that and actually overdubbed the orchestra part, you had to be there to experience it, but it was like going from black and white square pictures to cinemascope Technicolor.”

Not everything went to plan however, although even the mistakes turned out to be happy ones.

“The alarm clock in A Day In The Life goes off on the 23rd bar, the idea being to let them know that the 24th was coming up, but it wasn’t intentional because when Mal (Evans – the Beatle’s roadie who was in charge of the clock) was doing that count when we laid down the basic rhythm track, he set the alarm off but it went on to Ringo’s drum mics so I couldn’t get rid of it so that’s how come it’s there.

“And the other thing was it was only coincidence the “woke up, got out of bed” – Paul’s song – came after the alarm clock. That wasn’t planned.”

It must have been a continually exciting time at the St John’s Wood studios, and Geoff describes the Beatles as “very demanding” despite the sometimes rudimentary equipment they had to record on.
He says: “They were experiencing new sounds in their own minds and I was also re-mastering American records for EMI at the time, and listening to Tamla stuff and realising the bass content on the Tamla was really brilliant and what was coming out of Abbey Road wasn’t that good – so I was always searching for ways to get good bass and stuff on record.”

Now he has a fresh challenge – to recreate the changing sounds of the Fab Four on a set in Los Angeles and give audiences some of the same thrill he felt all those decades ago.
“Technology will help us a little bit,” Geoff says. “I’m going to still keep the basic rhythm tracks, the guitars, base drums, and possibly some of the lead vocals from an analogue mixing console.

“And the orchestra and other parts will go through a digital desk and I can still use some of the original outboard equipment through the analogue desk that I used on the original records.

“It’s enormous. We’ll need three or four sound engineers in there to do this. It’s going to be hard, because it’s all live – there’s no pre-recorded stuff.”

The Beatles Sessions is due to open at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles on October 10.


Paul With Beatrice At JFK Airport

After being stuck in NY for almost  week due to the Icelandic volcano chaos,Paul and his youngest daughter managed to take a flight home.and we have these adorable pics of them, just love Bea's new hair cut she seems so happy and having fun with dad,I love the pic where she's holding on to her dad's arm .

You Can't Beat Wings

From The Sun
ALAN PARTRIDGE knew his music. Who could forget what the cheesy chat host said about WINGS: "The band THE BEATLES could have been."

But the sentiment is gaining serious momentum from heavy duty PAUL McCARTNEY fans.

Winging it ... Paul McCartney and bandmates

The next issue of Q Magazine polls 20 famous Macc-olytes on their favourite Paul track, and surprisingly many chose non-Beatles tunes including a lot from Wings.

TOM MEIGHAN from KASABIAN chose Band On The Run. He said: "This is a monster."
CHRIS MARTIN's choice is Live And Let Die. He said: "As a fan, I love it. As a songwriter, it's something I put on if I'm ever feeling a bit big for my boots."

OZZY OSBOURNE likes Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey, MIKA went for Let 'Em In and EZRA KOENIG from VAMPIRE WEEKEND chose Wonderful Christmastime.

Tory leader DAVID CAMERON stuck to Beatles material though, naming The Long And Winding Road as his favourite.






This is a pic of Paul's brother Mike with his son Josh, doesn't he look just like uncle Paul?
What do you think?

Stella McCartney And Established & Sons Dinner: 2010 Milan Furniture Fair

Couples Retreat

McCartney and Willis Host a Relaxed Dinner in Milan

Stella McCartney

more photos › view fullscreen › Alasdhair Willis, co-founder of the design label Established & Sons, and his other half, Stella McCartney, had double reason to celebrate at the dinner party they hosted in Milan on Wednesday night. Her new boutique has just opened on via Santo Spirito, and his latest furniture collection is as usual one of the must-sees of the annual Salone del Mobile. Not surprisingly, the crowd at dinner was a curated cross section of the design and fashion worlds, including Tom Dixon and Ronan Bouroullec from the former, and Christian Louboutin and Giambattista Valli from the latter. "To come to Alasdhair's event and to co-host a dinner, it's always a great moment of pride for me," said McCartney. "I'm so impressed with what Established & Sons have achieved; their product looks so slick and cool. I also think that we complement each other quite well in what we do." You could say the couple that launches together, stays together.

— Shonquis Moreno