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Stella Switches The Christmas Lights On Her Burton Street Boutique With A Little Help From Her Friends

Edina Monsoon and Emma Bunton turned on Stella McCartney's Christmas lights

Wow! Celebarama! Last night we trooped to Stella McCartney’s Mayfair store to watch the annual switching on the Christmas lights, with a zillion A-listers in attendance. Grazia Daily arrived promptly, soon after 6.30 to find the shop already so packed with recognizable faces, from Sir Bob Geldof, Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Peter Blake Richard E Grant, (is he not a Sir yet?) to Kate Moss, Alexa Chung with Nick Grimshaw and Pam Hogg, that we could barely fight our way to the drinks and delicious Fortnum and Mason snacks like mince pies, Christmas cookies, Charbonnel and Walker chocolates. Wow. It was a name drop winter wonderland.

Next we all squeezed outside to watch Jennifer Saunders as her Absolutely Fabulous character Edina Monsoon turn on the lights, but not before she had made a short but absolutely side-splittingly funny speech where she insulted just about everyone present, saying the last time she saw (Stella’s father and Beatle) Paul McCartney was ‘in a cupboard in Berlin in the Sixties’, and ‘that there were plenty of old models there, including Kate Moss’ who was clearly past her best in Edina’s opinion. Then she showed off her gleaming gold Stella McCartney Autumn Winter jacket and kinky boots. Then to much fanfare, introduced her special mystery guest . . . Emma Bunton of the Spice Girls, getting her name wrong and calling her ‘Baby Bunton’.

Ah, the whole thing was absolutely hilarious, and then we all trooped back inside with Dame Kelly Holmes, Sharleen Spiteri, Helen Lederer (who also used to be in Absolutely Fabulous) and Mariella Frostrup. Although Stella has a Christmassy shindig and gets a different comedian to turn the lights (eco friendly, powered by Ecotricity, natch) each year, for some reason this one seemed a) even bigger and b) more surreal since Ab Fab is a satire about a load of fashion people air kissing each other and partying, and this was a party for a fashion brand loaded with celebs . . . talk about life imitating art!

By Naomi

Stella McCartney to star in Absolutely Fabulous

From The Telegraph

Fashion designer Stella McCartney is just one of the names to star in the revived TV comedy, along with Kelly Holmes and Emma Bunton.

BY Olivia Bergin
30 November 2011

Perhaps as payback for switching on her Christmas lights in character as Edina Monsoon, Stella McCartney has agreed to appear in the new series of Jennifer Saunders's classic comedy Ab Fab.

But she has a lot to live up to because Jennifer (as Edina), did not disappoint, delighting the crowd with a hilarious speech.

On her foray into the world of comedy, McCartney told us: "It's not exactly my idea of fun, but it's Ab Fab , and how can you say no to Ab Fab ? I'm sure I'll be terrifying, but, you know."
All we know about Stella's one-off turn in the hit TV show is that it involves Edina and Patsy taking a trip to the Stella store, and somewhere in the mix, Olympic gold-medal winner Dame Kelly Holmes features, too.

Former Spice Girl, Emma Bunton, also makes an appearance in the new series as a friend of Edina's daughter Saffy, and was on hand last night to serve as the object of fun-poking for the grande dame of PR. But she took the jibes on the chin: "It was wonderful to be part of," she said. "All my friends are so jealous."

Here's some of our favourite quotes from Edina's five-minute speech:

To Stella's father: Sir Paul McCartney: "Oh Paul, hello darling, I haven't seen you since a cupboard in Hamburg, have I? Don't you remember that? Well, it has hair - it could have been Yoko?!"

On her Ab Fab co-star Joanna Lumley: "My friend Patsy was gonna to be here tonight, but she couldn't come she's having a little 'tightening procedure'. Yeah oh, yeah, down below tightening. It happens to us all those swinging saloon doors."

On not getting on with Elton John at the moment: "I tried to hig Elton John while he was breastfeeding - not a pretty sight."

On the gold Stella McCartney coat she was wearing: "Stella has resisted me wearing any of her clothes for many years now. There's fatter people than me out there wearing Stella: Nancy Dell'Olio!"

On trying to get Emma Bunton to sing: "Look, we're holding up traffic, this could be the first time you've ever held up traffic."

On Christmas: "I don't understand Christmas, it's like a party that no-one's hosting. Oh, where we gonna eat? You gotta make it yourself! Who's gonna get me a present? No, you gotta give presents."

Stay tuned for the return of Absolutely Fabulous , hitting screens this Christmas.


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tale of two Stellas

By Emily Cronin
Posted: Tue 29 Nov 2011

Kate Hudson presented Stella McCartney with the Red Carpet designer of the year award at last night’s British Fashion Awards.

Hudson, one of McCartney's close friends, wore a sleek black Stella gown for the occasion, but said her history with the designer hasn’t always been flawless.

‘Stella dressed me for my first red carpet event in 2001 for the Academy Awards,’ Hudson read from her iPhone after donning chicer-than-thou reading glasses. ‘It was my first—and only—nomination. I was 21 years old, and to have Stella McCartney dressing me—well, I felt like the hippest, coolest girl in the world.’

McCartney, then designing for ChloĆ©, created an ice lavender gown with a fringed Victorian-style capelet for Hudson. McCartney personally conducted the fittings, hand-finishing the dress at Hudson’s home and re-sewing the hem up to the moment the Best Supporting Actress nominee had to leave for the big event.

The next morning, Hudson awoke to find herself without an Oscar and at the top of all the worst-dressed lists. She called McCartney to laugh about the news. McCartney just said, ‘Let’s be honest babe, it was the hem.’ Hudson has worn McCartney’s designs on innumerable red-carpet occasions since, without ever repeating her appearance on the worst dressed list.
‘To this day, that now-vintage dress hangs in my wardrobe,’ Hudson said with a smile. ‘I swear, one day I'll wear it again.’
McCartney danced her way onto the stage to hug Hudson and collect her trophy.
‘Sorry about that, everyone,’ McCartney said. ‘I told her not to do any talking.’

Blog Master Note:I don't think that dress was that terrible,it was actually the hair lol.

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