Lipa graduation: Sir Paul McCartney celebrates with students

From The BBC
Lipa graduation: Sir Paul McCartney celebrates with students Three hundred students attended the graduation ceremony on Friday

Sir Paul McCartney has led the graduation celebrations at the performing arts school he set up in his home city.

Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (Lipa) opened in 1996 after a long campaign by the former Beatle.

Three hundred students attended the ceremony to collect their degree and postgraduate certificates.

Sir Paul, 69, also presented Lipa Companionships to Grammy Award-winning singer Billy Ocean.

Former Madonna dancer Steve Nestar; studio designer and acoustics expert David Bell; record label executive Caroline Elleray; community arts creator Chris Johnston and musical theatre actor Hannah Waddingham were also presented with Lipa Companionships.

The school companionships are awarded for outstanding achievement in the arts and for those who provide a practical contribution to its students' learning.

Mark Featherstone-Witty, the school's founding principal, said: "This year roughly 135 practitioners contributed to our learning which is quite a total.
"No institution is better than its teachers and there is no substitute for learning from the best.

"Outstanding practitioners share their knowledge for all the disciplines we teach and help us maintain the employment record of our talented graduates."


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Heather Mccartney Pottery

Here is a collection of photos of tea pots from Heather's housewear collection she made in 1999,and purchased by our blog reader Thomas recently and he was kind enough to take pictures of them and send them to me,thank you so much Thomas.

James In The Back Ground

On Holidays 2005

very hard to think that Paul is actually older than Keith,lol.


Tom Ford

By Linda



Paul McCartney Takes Detroit By Storm

From The Detroit News
Paul McCartney takes Detroit by storm

Susan Whitall/ Detroit News Music Writer

Thunder and lightning raked across the sky over Comerica Park Sunday night, but it was no match for the fireworks Paul McCartney mustered onstage, both figuratively and literally.

His well-honed showmanship and impeccable music filled hearts and minds in the sold-out ballpark even before fireworks exploded over the stage during "Live and Let Die."

And he was a gracious visitor. McCartney gave heartfelt thanks to Detroit and Motown early on.

"We had a little time off today and we went to the Motown museum," McCartney told the crowd, six songs into the set. "Holy grail! When I was listening to records as a kid in Liverpool, learning the songs 'You Really Got a Hold on Me' (by the Miracles) and 'Money' (by Barrett Strong), wow! So we'd like to do a song we don't normally do, for Detroit and for Motown, one of my favorites by Mr. Marvin Gaye."

And with that, he led his tight band into "Hitchhike," one of Gaye's early hits. "Thank you Detroit, and thank you Motown!" the former Beatle said after a rendition rhythmic enough to make a Funk Brother smile.

Rain showers cooled off the audience earlier, and a boom of thunder hit just before 8 p.m., prompting the crowd to cheer — what a way to go, right? Watching an original Beatle from a $200 seat as lightning arcs across downtown Detroit.

But the rain let up by the time McCartney took the stage. He's racked up 69 years but looks as trim as when he first played Olympia Stadium in Detroit in 1964, a brash 22-year-old.
(Yes, at this point he'd have to sing "When I Was 64").
He strode onto the stage at 8:30 sharp on black Beatle boots, clutching his Hofner "Beatle" bass guitar.
"You say yes, I say no you say stop but I say go go go" were the first words we heard as he kicked off with the Beatles' "Hello, Goodbye."

Dressed in a black collarless jacket with red piping down the front over a white button-up shirt, McCartney shucked his jacket early on to reveal thin suspenders.

At one point, the former Beatle stopped the show, to "take a minute to drink in these Detroit vibrations," he said, nodding and smiling as the crowd cheered, wetting his finger and then waggling it in the universal sign for "hot"!

Let there be no mistake, McCartney can still sing. His voice has deepened over the years from the sparkling, high Irish tenor of the '60s, but there is a burnished suppleness to it that serves him well over what would be a long show for a 30-year-old. And in a pinch he can evince a fab winsomeness with a well-chosen high note.

There is no substitute, not even the Beatles' "Love" show, for singing the "Nah nah nah" chorus along with the real thing. For three hours, we were all fab again.

Great News James' New EP "Close To Hand" Will Be Available Next Month

From James' Facebook Page :
Hi Everybody…although the official label announcement won't be until next Monday, I wanted to let you know in advance that my new EP, Close At Hand, will be coming out worldwide on August 30th. It is the partner EP to Available Light, with six new songs that I'm very excited about (sort of like "side two" of the record). Pre-orders on iTunes will begin next Monday, August 1st. Much more information to come…! Lots of love, -James




Two Flowers

Once A Babe Always A Babe

Paris March 2010



Never Seen Before,Thanks Joey


Museum of Liverpool opens with exhibition of work by Paul McCartney's brother

Museum of Liverpool opens with exhibition of work by Paul McCartney's brother

The £72 million museum has opened with a retrospective of Mike McCartney's photography of famous Liverpool people and places.

All You Need is... Liverpool by Mike McCartney: "After a rip-stonkin' performance at Anfield for the 2008 European Capital of Culture celebrations our kid finally gives in! and waves goodbye to a delighted audience ...half of whom were our family!" Photo: Mike McCartney

By Florence Waters

11:39AM BST 20 Jul 2011

Paul McCartney's younger brother Mike was nicknamed "Flash Harry" by Beatles' manager Brian Epstein. His photographic repertoire includes pictures of The Beatles on tour, Bono backstage at Echo Arena, Ken Dodd's farewell concert, and famous landmarks in the city - including purple wheelie bins.

"It's a high honour when the National Portrait Gallery, the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame and the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC ask for your photographs. But it's the icing on the cake when your hometown asks for an exhibition to open their brand new Museum of Liverpool," he writes in his introduction to the show.
"I hope these images give some insight into the unique people this area produces, and that their impossible-to-suppress, self-deprecating humour shines out of the photographs."
Mike - who calls himself Mike McGear professionally in a bid to separate his work from his slightly more famous brother - also had a career in music. He was a member of the Liverpool comedy-poetry-music group The Scaffold, and also earned a living as a ladies' hairdresser.
The new Museum of Liverpool, described as the "largest newly-built national museum in Britain for more than a century".
Among the display of Beatles memorabilia in the museum’s Wondrous Place gallery is the stage where John Lennon and Paul McCartney first met in 1957, and immersive films about the band. It also contains the street sign from the soap opera Brookside Close, comedian Ken Dodd's tickling stick, and the first Ford Anglia off the Ford’s Halewood production line in 1963.

The 8,000 square metres museum opened its doors last night. They thought of asking Paul McCartney, a royal, a politician or a poet – but, in the end, it was opened by Finn O'Hare, a six-year-old-boy, who wrote to "Mr or Mrs In Charge of the Museum", explaining that he was "good at opening things".

Yoko Ono was one of the special guests at the opening. She had the chance to see the handcrafted All You Need Is Love bedspread presented to her and John Lennon by Hull-born designer Christine Kemp during their Bed-In at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal.

Information: www.liverpoolmuseums.org.uk/mol/

Paul And Nancy In The Hamptons


Praia Da Luz

Hi there,I'm back,these are photographs sent to me by our reader Guus,who has recently visited
Porto de Mos in Portugal,a village located next to Praia da Luz,the place where Paul and Linda visited Hunter Davies and his family who rented a house there called `Quinta das Redes` in Praia da Luz.On December 11th 1968,

During his visit Guus looked for the  `Quinta das Redes`,and the beach where vPaul was photographed in bathing suits,and he was kind enough to take photos and send them to me,
Thank you so much Guss.


Arriving To New York

School Days

Soooooooooooo Cute

School Days

Middle Finger Ring