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Told you he'll be fine!!!

"You may also have heard that Paul unfortunately had to postpone his dates in Japan and South Korea this month. We’d like to assure you that Paul is doing fine and he was extremely moved by all the messages from fans around the world. More info will follow on those dates, so please keep checking PaulMcCartney.com.

All the best!"



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McCartney’s wife ‘never left hospital bedside’

Sir Paul McCartney’s other half Nancy has supposedly been with him throughout his hospitalisation.

The Beatles singer was hospitalised in Japan Tuesday after falling ill with a nasty viral infection.

Apparently his 53-year-old spouse of three years, Nancy, has been sleeping in a room at St. Luke’s International Hospital ever since he was admitted, as she is committed to seeing her husband get well.

“Nancy has been brilliant as always and has never left his side,” a source told British newspaper The Mirror.

Her presence is purportedly doing lots of good, as it is believed Paul is recuperating swiftly.

“[He is] on great form now and is getting back to his old self,” the insider detailed.

“He is getting better and better by the day.”

Paul’s brother, Michael McCartney confirmed to the outlet his sibling is doing well.

But he claims the musician is approaching his recovery with as much ease as possible.

“I got a text from Paul yesterday [on Thursday]. He told me he was recovering slowly but surely, so I’m sure he’s on the mend,” Michael said.

The 71-year-old singer arrived in Japan to perform his Out There! series of shows earlier this month, however he has since cancelled these performances and his upcoming concerts in South Korea.

When news broke that his Japan and South Korea tours were being terminated, a message was posted on Paul's website in which he apologised to fans.

“Doctors have ordered Paul complete rest and he has been doing all he can to get better," it read.

Paul's next stage performances will see him touring North America and aren't until mid-June, with no suggestion that they are under threat at the moment.


A Statement From Japan

Told you people the rumors were untrue,Paul is fine and here is the latest statement from his representatives.


Since contracting a virus last week that led to the postponement of tour dates, Paul received successful medical treatment at a hospital in Tokyo.
He will make a complete recovery and has been ordered to take a few days rest.
Paul has been extremely moved by all the messages and well wishes he has received from fans all over the world.

My hero: Paul McCartney by Alan Johnson

The look, the voice even the left-handedness: I wanted to be Paul McCartney – and he's brought nothing but joy into my life.

Alan Johnson
The Guardian

I've never been fickle when it comes to hero worship. My heroes when I was a teenager are my heroes today. George Orwell, Rodney Marsh (the balletic QPR forward) and Paul McCartney.
With Orwell and Marsh it was an admiration for their skills that began with Animal Farm and that amazing goal I saw Rodney score in the League Cup final of 1967.

With Paul it was everything. The look, the voice even the left-handedness. I wanted to be Paul McCartney in a way that I never wanted to be my other heroes. Sure, he could over do the bobbing, thumbs-up bonhomie, but that was a minor irritation. From "Paperback Writer" to "She's Leaving Home", "Drive My Car" to "For No One" and post-Beatles, from "Maybe I'm Amazed" to "Figure of Eight" he's brought nothing but joy into my life – despite the trauma of standing in front of the mirror as a 15-year-old trying to get my fringe to lie the way Paul's did on the sleeve of Beatles For Sale.

They say you should never meet your heroes. It was 10 years ago that I met mine. As higher education minister I was invited to the graduation ceremony at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts that Paul set up in his old school. I was told he would be there and he was, popping up in front of me as I chatted to staff at a pre-event reception.
He would be used to being the recipient of hero worship by now, but may have been faintly amused by the jabbering wreck purporting to be a minister who stood before him. I was due to make a boring, civil-service drafted speech about HE between the inauguration of the Bangles and the fabulous graduate performances.

I threw the speech away and told the audience of my desire to be a rock'n'roll star. I even recited the middle eight from a song I wrote as a teenager about the affliction of bad skin: "How can any girl want to be with ya, / When every kiss she gets just tastes of Nivea?"
Paul smiled at my lyric. The worship intensified on the most important day of my ministerial career.

• Alan Johnson's This Boy (Bantam Press) won the Ondaatje award for evocation of place on Monday and the Orwell prize for political writing on Wednesday.



Paul Has canceled the South Korea Show

I'm glad he's being wise and not taking risks,I think that Paul and his team thought that since they're  going back to Japan anyway so he might aswell postpone the whole thing and do it again later in the year.
Anyway ,I wish he gets better soon,and be home in the UK.
And for the alarmists out there ,Paul's band members are heading out of Tokyo,and his children have been posting on facebook and Instagram as usual,if something was really wrong I'm sure they would have joined him there.So people keep calm it's just the flu.

Official Statement

Paul McCartney will regrettably have to cancel the remaining Japanese shows. Paul is still not feeling better and this cancellation is unavoidable. He was hoping to be better but the doctors have ordered him complete rest. Paul has been extremely moved by the messages from his fans and is upset to be letting them down.
All possibilities to find a solution to reschedule these shows as soon as possible are being explored.
From Paul:
I was really looking forward to playing in Japan again after we had such an amazing time here in November. So to cancel these shows as well as the National Stadium shows is hugely disappointing for me as well. I'd like to thank my Japanese fans for their love, messages of support and understanding.  
I hope to see you all again soon.


First Outing




Pussy Riot

Get well soon Paul.

Sir Paul Mccartney has been forced to postpone the first show of his Japanese after coming down with a virus.
The Beatles star was due to kick off his mini-tour in the capital Tokyo on Saturday (17May14), but he has fallen sick and doctors advised him to cancel the show.
MCCartney hopes he will be healthy enough to perform on Sunday (18May14) and reschedule the postponed show for Monday (19May14).
A notice was posted on his Twitter.com account, which reads, "Thank you for such a beautiful and warm welcome to your country. I've unfortunately had to postpone tonight's show in Tokyo. I came down with a virus on Friday and following a visit from doctors, I've been told not to perform tonight.
"I am very sorry to all my fans as I was greatly looking forward to the concert, but the situation is out of my hands. Along with the doctors, I'm doing all I can to ensure I will be better for tomorrow night's show and the rest of my time in Japan. We are planning to replay this show on Monday. I really hope you can make it. Love, Paul."
The Asian leg of his Out There! tour is due to continue in Osaka on 24 May (14), before moving to South Korea.

Paul Arriving in Tokyo