This is an interview of Mary published today in  El Pais a spanish newspapper ,I tried my best to translate it,if there are any mistakes I apologize spanish is not my forte,if you can make correction please send me a message..


"I make a living like everybody else"

GALAZ MABEL 29/04/2010

Got art in their blood. Her parents, Paul McCartney and Linda Eastman, have made more than a genetic fingerprint. Although dark, physically she looks more like her mother and has her father’s gestures. From Linda she has also inherited her profession: photography. Though her family's position she could have been devoted to a life of leisure like other rich heiress, she defines herself as "a working woman, like her sister Stella, one of the great designers of the moment. "I make a living like everyone else," he proclaims. The surname helped, but without talent her career would not have last 15 years. She is 41.

Mary orders a green tea and smiles to see that it is organic. she is vegetarian like all her family, she is warning about the dangers of eating meat and its influence on climate change. She arrived hungry at breakfast. Rose from the table to choose a fruit  offered in addition to the buffet and grab a yogurt. Not making scrambled eggs, as she does every morning at her home in London, because the breakfast time is too late in Spain. She is in Madrid just for a few hours to present a project that excites her. "We will support women who want to work in the fashion world. Shall also mentor to help them open ways. Juanjo Oliva, Carolina Herrera are alse involved In this project and it has the backing of Las Rozas Village and the Community of Madrid.

McCartney is very talkative, so it is difficult to follow. She’s upset because she has to leave soon and may not go to the Prado, or stroll through Madrid a city she visits for the first time. Dreaming through the streets with her camera. When she finished studying she started working in the atelier of her mother and helped her with her archives. One of the things she regrets is not taking more photos to Linda before she died. "So I always encourage everyone do family photos, children with parents, parents to grandparents. I myself am taking pictures all day with my father." And as for Mary, the picture is more than a click. "I'm interested in what's behind the characters, so I try to capture something more than what meets the eye."

She puts aside her long hair in a cute gesture, while she takes the orange juice after finishing the yogurt. Grab a glass of water and keeps talking. One of her favorite photos is of a dancer with the Royal Ballet of London at which photographed submerged in the bathtub of her home. Although the most famous is that he made to Tony Blair and his wife, Cherie, with her newborn son Leo at No. 10 Downing Street. "Blair called me personally, I wanted something other than an official portrait. The baby was 36 hours old, so I decided to work only with natural light."

Mary is very attentive to the British elections, but has not yet decided for who to vote. "It's very hard to believe in politicians, it is hard to trust them more and more. I would vote for the Greens, but things are not very useful. I am surprised at the appearance in Nick Clegg's campaign but I wonder if behind him there is something more than what you see. " It seems that David Cameron will not get her vote or even the possibility of repeating the baby picture at 10 Downing Street. "I know Samantha, his wife, I've done several reportages for her, but I do not think Cameron will call me."

Finish breakfast and salad is still intact. Pose for the photo, put a carnation in her ear and exclaims: "Flamenco."

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