Paul,Nancy,Beatrice And Miller(?) Out In LA

It's Easter holidays in the UK ,so Paul took Nancy and Beatrice to LA, for a  break,a well deserved break after his european mini tour ,and before embarking in a south american tour later this month.
I think the little barefoot boy is little Miller,but I'm not sure,Paul looks so sweet when he's leaning to him AWW!
Such a cute little family.


Anonymous said...

Paul looks VERY irritated that they are taking his pictures. And he should be.

They will never give him a break.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that's Miller,tis boy looks much younger maybe Beckett or Sam.

Anonymous said...

I agree the paps are really annoying,I never understood why they have to take so many photos of the same event really.

canvas prints said...

you got some cool pictures there. nice work.