"RAM" Remastered Out Tomorow

The Remastered version of "RAM" will be released tomorow,and what a spectacular package,and promo!!!
Paul has been posting clues via Facebook and Twitter,and there is even a Facebook and Twitter pages and a website dedicated tp his alter ego Percy "Thrills" Thrillington ,who "released" the jazzy version of "RAM".
www.whoispercythrillington.com .

Being one of my favorite macca album,I already orderd it,and after seeing the above video presentation,I just can't wait.
Apparently there is some sort of competition cos Paul posted this on Twitter :
These stations will be rammed tomorrow morning. Check back here from 8am for more details...  "

You can purchase it here: www.paulmccartney.com/web/guest/store-home


Anonymous said...

mm sounds good to me!I'm gonna check that station ramming tomorow.LOL

DiBoLand said...

tomorrow i have my deluxe since friday at home