Emotional Ties with photographer Mary McCartney

  By John Koski

Mary, 42 (daughter of Paul and Linda), has followed in her late mother’s footsteps with the publication of a vegetarian cookbook. She lives in London with her husband Simon and four sons. Here she shares her treasures and inspirations

This picture of me and my dad, from an anthology of my mum’s early photographs, was also used on the cover of my dad’s first solo album. It’s a beautifully caught moment. Inside the book is a dedication: ‘Love to my darling Mary, Mum xx’.

I have a collectionof about 20 glass paperweights, which have always fascinated me. They look like sweets and seem slightly magical. But they’re useful too; I put receipts and notes under them.

When I became seriously
interested in photography my mum lent me this Leica camera, and I
never gave it back. It’s a design classic that I still use. When I click the shutter or change the settings, I can imagine my mum doing
the same things, which gives me a physical connection to her.

                                                 Mary and Mum

I love this of me and mum and our puppy Lucky, which my dad took in Scotland in 1971. It brings back memories of growing up and it’s one of the happiest photographs of us together. We used to go to Scotland each summer and it was where my mum taught me to cook.

It may not be beautiful, but this 20-year-old oven thermometer opened up the world of baking to me, where success depends on accurate temperatures. At the moment, I’m into brownies and cupcakes.

I was allowed behind the scenes at the Royal Ballet to photograph the grittier side of the ballet world. This ballerina at the end of a performance looks magnificent, but the fact that her dress is unhooked makes the picture for me.

My aunt gave me this box to keep my recipes in. It was the first thing I referred to when I started writing my cookbook.

This Lalique vase is a much-loved Christmas present from family friends. I keep it in my bedroom and it always has flowers in it – usually something bright and colourful such as freesias or sweet peas. The glass, which is decorated with horses, is stunning.

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sissialexandra said...

Great insight on Mary's life ,thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting!

Anonymous said...

we used to have a similar oven thermometer when I was little,it brings back a lot of memmories.