James On Letterman

James was the musical guest on "The Late Show With David Letterman" on CBS,yesterday,where he performed a fantastic version of his song "Angel" from the "Complete Collection" CD,he was really well received by the audiance,having watched him in previous stage appearences he seemed more relaxed and confident,still a bit shy but definitly happier.Good for him.
Earlier James arrived to the Ed Sulivan Theater,smiling and waiving to waiting fans,he looked great in a grey suit and a white shirt,and he happily signed autographs.
Here are a few photos and a video of the performance,Enjoy!


Mayte Negrete said...

I was inside meanwhile!!!
He was very nicely received by the audience as you said and not many knew he was the son of Paul. The woman next to me seeing me singing asked me all puzzle "is he the son of Paul?"

Anonymous said...

Too bad he looked so terrible. Yes, yes, we all know looks shouldn't matter. But when you are making your network television debut you should at least TRY. Instead, his hair (as usual) looked terrible and he looks far better without that gross hair chest that he seems so proud of.

I'm sure this will get removed but whatever. I'm just stating the obvious.

Nawel said...

Realy Mayte you were there,you lucky girl,can you write a report for us at the Mccartney blog,I'd be happy to publish it.

Dave said...

I'm not familiar with James' music,didn't know he had released albums until it was announced he'll be on Letterman last week,so I stayed up just for him,and I wasn't desapointed he was fantastic,beautiful song,and yes he looked so much like his dad.

Majenta said...

Fantastic! Onward to your next success, James! Stay safe!

Best wishes from Majenta

Anonymous said...

Great pictures Nawel thanks for sharing.
It's probably the best performance of James I've seen ,yet he was a bit nervous to be on national tv but he surely rocked,welcome to America James.

Anonymous said...

Great performance. Thanks for posting this as I was unable to see it. I think he should relax a bit. I'm sure he was nervous as hell though. But he seemed too stiff. Even after the song when Dave went up to him, he seemed too stiff. Still nice to see him wearing clothes that fit him and not wearing that big ugly cross necklace. I don't have a problem with his weight, just when he wears skin tight clothes. As for the comment about his hair, what do you want the kid to do? He wasn't blessed with his father's hair, his is thinning and balding. He's probably trying to find a style that doesn't accent his balding.
And finally, it was wonderful to see him smiling!!

Anonymous said...

That photo of him wearing the brown jacket and the black shirt is fantastic! You can see in his eyes that he is actually happy.

I'm still iffy on his hair though.