James Annouces New Show In The US

As promissed,James Mccartney has announced today that he'll be making his first American TV appearence, performing on The David Letterman show on January 30th.
The other appearences will take place at the Sundance Film Festival on January 23-24th, and at NYC's Rockwood Music Hall on February 1st.

This is wht James as to say,on his facebook and twitter pages:
Happy Monday, Everyone...I'm proud to announce some very exciting news! I'll be making my USA television debut, performing on Late Night with David Letterman on January 30th! Also, I'm performing at the Sundance Film Festival January 23-24th, and at NYC's Rockwood Music Hall for a FREE show on February 1st! Can't wait!


Majenta said...

Congratulations, James! Good luck, take care of yourself so you'll be at your best! (And because you're worth it.)

Best wishes from Majenta

Anonymous said...

He needs to lose 15-20 pounds and get a decent hair cut. No one is expecting him to be the great beauty that his father was but he should at least look presentable instead of like a character from Family Guy.

Laura said...

Well Anonymous,I think that people should not be judged by their appearence,it's the talent that counts,and James has plenty of it.He is smiling and happy,I wish him luck,and I'll probably be watching that Letterman show.