James At The Viper Room

James performed yesterday at the Viper Room ,in LA yesterday ,with a star studed audiance,as Ringo,Barbara and Joe Walsh were in attendance,
James looked handsome and classy,in a black suit and tie,and fans waiting for him to arrive were shocked to see him emerging from the same car with Ringo and Barbara.
According to several reports the venue was packed.,
You can read a full report here

Here is the setlist:
 1. New York Times

2. I Only Want to be Alone

3. My Friend

4. The Sound of My Voice

5. Fallen Angel

6. Spirit Guides

7. Wings of a Lighest Weight

8. Moonstar

9. Old Man

10. Angel

For those of you who didn't make it out to the show,James and Band will perfom on David Letterman on Monday, January 30.


sissialexandra said...

OMG so sweet of Ringo to show up at James' show,just shows how close the whole Beatles caln is,
James sounds fantastic can't wait for the Letterman show.

Majenta said...

Fantastic display. Stay safe, James--you are very important and very wonderful!

Best wishes from

Jane said...

looking and sounding good James,his stage presnecne has improved good for him,dad must be proud