Wedding Day Part Two

Later that day,at about 3PM GMT,the couple with little Bea,emerged from the house, welcome by the screams of wellwishers gatherd near the house,Nancy looked stunning in a v necked off white ivory just over the knee dress dsigned by Stella,Paul looked smart and very happy and relaxed in a deep blue suit said to be designed by Stella too,little Bea was looked beautiful and so cute wearing a pink coat over her dress and a beautiful crown of flowers on her hair.
A few minutes later they arrived at Marylebone Registar Office,and they were welcomed by a huge croud of wellwishers and photographers,Paul and Nancy happily posed to them.

The only Celebrity guest who entered from the main entrance were Ringo and Barbara,who were dressed casualy,apparently the Mccartney family and especialy the children were very discreet and enterd from the back entrance,they didin't want to steal the spotlight from Paul and Nancy,kudos to them ,but I really wanted to see some pics of their outfits especialy Mary's and Stella.

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