After all the live streams, news reports and guests reports,we have the official one,by Paul himself.
Man talk about love and respect for us his fans,He and Nancy really shared this joyous occasion withus and were very generous by posing for photos and waving and smiling to the fans,we just felt part of that wedding as if it Paul and Nancy were part of each fan family,and we are all invited that sunday afternoon to share their happiness.As it wasn't enough Paul posted thank you messages on his facebook and Twitter pages saying
"Nancy and I want to thank everybody for the wonderful greetings and messages of goodwill that we received." And then posting a link to his website where he gives us a liitle report from the ceremony.


From http://www.paulmccartney.com/


"Nancy and I want to thank everybody for the wonderful greetings and messages of goodwill that we received. We had a really great day with family and friends; it was relaxed, fun, emotional, heartfelt and a total pleasure for the two of us and everyone involved.

                                                                  Paul and Nancy

You may have read, in the media, some of the details about our happy day but, as not all of what was reported was totally true, here are a couple of corrections for those of you who like to know the truth:
                                                                  Paul and Nancy

It was said that my brother, Mike, was my best man. In fact, it was my lovely son, James, who did me proud. It was also reported that I sang Let It Be and Let Me Roll It at the reception but, in actual fact, that’s not true and I think the reporters may have got confused by hearing a few of my other songs being played by our DJ for the night, Mark Ronson, who, by the way, did a sensational job, keeping us all bopping till the early hours of the morning.

                                                                    Paul and Nancy

But even though they got one or two things wrong, what they did get right was that Nancy and I, and all our lovely guests, had an unbelievably great day and send our love to all of you."

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