"Paul And Nancy Story:A Fan Report,Part I "By Joey

As paul And Nancy got marries this week,our friend ,reader and contributor Joey decided to make a little retrospective of their love story.

It's on October 2007 that news broke that Paul was seen kissing a lady in the Hamptons where he was on holliday,quikly the news made the front pages of all the british tabloid,some of the playing the news down as Paul and Nancy were supposed to be still married.Anyway neither Paul nor Nanncy commented the reports.

Then it was unti March of 2008,afew days after Paul's divorce was finalized,that they have been seen together again on a romantic holiday in Jamaica ,where they were photographed holding hands,swimming and sailng on Paul' little dinghy,But still no comments from neither of them.

A fter that Paul and Nancy were followed by the paps on a daily basis,with Nancy being photographed shopping at Stella's NY boutiques,and in company of Paul at the Yale comencement later that year.

That summer Nanncy was with Paul during his show in Quebec,and together tey made a trip on the legendary route 66,as that year Paul turned 66 in June.They were photographed during their annual holidays together in the Hamptons.

That summer marked their first outing in London when they rushed home as Mary gave birth to her son Sam,they were photgraphed as they arrived together at the airpot,and as they stroll near Paul's house,and as they left to NY days later.

The first time Paul and Nancy attend a public event together was in September 2008 at Mary's Photography Exhibition,even though they didn't pose for the photographer together,with Nancy rushing inside while Paul was being Photographed,again the event made news and pictures were published in the main british and american newspappers.

The next month Nancy was seen with Paul in Paris attending Stella's fashion show,but she stayed backstage with Stella and her kids,and she was photoraphed entering and leaving the venue with paul an James.and later at a Paris restaurant  during a familt lunch.

For the next few months they have been photographed in various locations,at Stella's christmas party,strolling in the streets of London,in vacation in Mexico,etc

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