In The Studio With George


Laura said...

Great picture thanks for posting,and congrats for this blog the best online.

Debjorgo said...

Laura, I guess you've never been to Miss Tingle's site.

Someone once said, "Only fools take second best" but I disagree. Being in the same stratosphere can't be bad.

I may have gotten myself into trouble here. I wish you could edit these posts.

I'm trying to say, I love this site too.

Laura said...

well I meant THE BEST MACCA BLOG, Miss Tingle's is a Beatles blog,I'm a Macca fan not a Beatles fan

Debjorgo said...

I thought you meant best blog altogether.

You have to admit, though, Greg has some pretty good Paul content too.

Paul's easily my favorite Beatle but I like the other guys too.