Classy Mum To Be


Anonymous said...

I love her coat,that bump is huge is she having twins?

Laura said...

she looks good,I don't think she's having twins though

Anonymous said...

a normal mum, that's all. nothing special about her, what is all the fuss about that woman just because she is stella? ever other woman has less money and works, but no one ever mentions that!

besides....she looks older than she is.not pretty at all.

Debjorgo said...

You forget anony, ugly sees ugly. She's kinda cute to the rest of us. At times, I'd say hot.

And she earns a living for herself too. The crowd she hangs with would not suffer a fool either, she has talent.

But I do bet, all these Paul McCartney pictures wouldn't be on this page if he wasn't Paul.

Laura said...

I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to say Debjorgo,
and Anonymous 06 November, 2010 18:32 if you don't like Stella well do not read posts about her that must be easy for you and go spit your venom elsewhere.

Debjorgo said...

Anonymous said he/she didn't think Stella was very pretty. I was just saying, maybe the problem is within him/her.

And I thought Anon saying "all the fuss about that woman just because she is stella" wasn't well thought out. That's why we pay attention to anyone, because of who they are. I think they meant to say she gets attention because she's Paul McCartney's daughter.

Anon may want to notice the name of this blog, That's why the pictures aren't of Mrs Betty Smith.