Paul with his school friend Ivan Vaughan

One of The rare photos that show Paul with his school friend Ivan Vaughan,here they are seen entering Wembley stadium to attend the FACup final between West Bromwich Albion and Everton.

Ivan was born the same day as Paul 18/6/1942,and played a major part in the history of the Beatles,he was the teenager who invited Paul to the Woolton fete, and introduced him to John that same day 06 July 1957.
His wife Jan, was a french teatcher and helped Paul with the lyrics of "Michelle".
In 1977 Ivan was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease,he died in 1993,Paul wrote a poem in his honor "Ivan"
the poem was published in Paul's book Blackbird Singing in 2001.


Two doors open

On the eighteenth of June

Two babies born 

On the same day

In Liverpool

One was Ivan

The other---me

We met in adolescence

And did the deeds

They dared us do

Jive with Ive

The ace on the bass

He introduced to me

At Woolton fete

A pal or two

And so we did

A classic scholar he

A rocking roller me

As firm as friends could be

Cranlock naval

Cranlock pie

A tear is rolling

Down my eye

On the sixteenth of August

Nineteen ninety-three

One door closed 

Bye bye Ivy 

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depaula said...

Touching poem from Paul to his "twin" friend. The man who officially introduced him to John. He also would be responsible for the education project they had for Apple.