Stella Fashion Show SS2013

Stella Mccartney's family and friends joined force to support her at her latest Paris fasion show,and boy what a front row!Dad Sir Paul and his wife Lady Nancy Mccartney,brother James ,sister Mary,Husband Alasdhair Willis and her for children backstage,uncle Mike and His wife Rowenna Mccartney,were joined by fashion A listers Kate Moss,Mario Testino,Sellma Hayet,Francois Henrie Pinault,and Francois Pinault,Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld,Jefferson Hack,Charlotte Rampling,M.I.A,Patrick Demarchelier,and the new Mrs Dhani Harrison who sat beside James,Olympic gold medalists Victoria Pendelton and Elie Simmons .


Sissialexandra said...

Great pix like always,Paul looks so happy and Nancy looks fab.
Kate Moss looks classy for once.

Anonymous said...

Nancy is such a beauty!

Bob said...

I wish Paul all the happyness in the world!

Anonymous said...

Kate Moss is quite chatty isn't she,lol she didn't let Paul enjoy the finale!

Laura said...

Paul is looking so happy good for him.
Not sure about the collection though!
I agree Anonymous you wouldn't think that she's so chatty or maybe that's because it was Paul and Kate was trying to catch he's attention lol still a ladies man at 70.

Anonymous said...

It's so funny to see Alistair and his gray hair next to his father in law with his dark brown hair. lol

I liked a few things in the collection, but I don't think this was her best.