Alasdhair,Stella,Bailey And Miller With Olympics Gold Medalist Bradley Wiggins watch the track cycling on Day 7 of the London 2012 Olympic Games at Velodrome

Stella and co were repeatedly shown on TV last night watching british cyclist  Victoria Pendleton winning Gold medal .


Anonymous said...

I must be blind b/c I can't see Miller. Is there a photo that was taken from a different direction for you know have known he was there? Or am I blind and he's right in front of my face?

Nawel said...

You are not blind,although you might need an ophtalmologist to assert that,Miller is siting between Stella and Brad,he is hidden by little Bailey,I watched the event live on tv and I could see both children chatting with their parents and cheering the ethletes.

Anonymous said...

It'd been a while I last saw little Bailey,Oh my she's goegeous