Paul And Nancy and The Topless Lady !

Paul and Nancy Mccartney were on a vacation this week at the paradise island of Sait Barts,they made the most of the sunny weather as they strolled hand in hand by the see shore,then had some fun in the warm water.
There was an akward moment though,as they strolled hand in hand in the sand,they were acosted by a follow holiday maker who was so star struck and wanted to have his pic taken with Paul so bad,that he forgot that his girlfriend was sunbathing topless,lol,and asked her to take the photo,the poor girl did her best to protect her modesty,ha ha,and covered herself with one arm and took the camera what the other.
I seriously wouldn't want to be in this poor guy shoes,he'll probably got dumped  after this ha ha.
Anyway Paul acted like a gentelman and mantained eye contact with the lady all the time.


Anonymous said...

Poor girl,lol what an ambarassement.

Anonymous said...

I love the Tamla Motown T shirt,the girl is beautiful though