James Is The TOWER RECORDS Profile Artist This Week

Great article where James talks about his favorite song,you can see that he is still hurt by his moms passing,it's so sad,I personnaly would  add a couple of Mccartney and Beatles ,and Cat Stevens songs to that list.


“Smells Like Teen Spirit” (Nirvana)
“I think one of the greatest songs of all time . . . very cathartic and euphoric. I went through a period when I listened to it all the time when I was 23 or 24.”

“Teklo” (P.J. Harvey)
“P.J. Harvey is just so cool, and she’s very pretty. ‘Let me ride on his grace for awhile’ seems kind of spiritual . . . it’s just a beautiful song, kind of post-grunge. She’s a great artist, visually as well. It’s quite simple, nice tones that are full of ring and reverb.”

“All I Need” (Radiohead)
“It’s very simple, and yet full of complexity. Thom Yorke is amazing, very in tune with himself. Radiohead is kind of the Nirvana of now . . . Yorke seems very in tune with himself. All of their art is cool, right through the artwork and videos, everything really."

“D-7” (The Wipers)
“The Wipers are a great old punk band from the 70’s . . . very gothic moments, the lyrics are cool, ‘Thoughts antisocial,’ ‘Straight as an arrow’—It seems like a song about working in a factory—‘Defect, defect’. Nirvana covered it—the lead singer was left-handed, so that probably inspired Kurt or helped him relate to the band.”

“Charlotte Sometimes” (The Cure)
“Robert Smith is amazing—the black hair and make-up, the whole gothic vibe is cool. It reminds me of walking around Highgate and Hempstead, London . . . It’s something I like to do, listen to that and walk out the door quickly, imagining snow and leafless trees.”

“Heart Of Gold” (Neil Young)
“Growing up, my mom and dad were probably just playing it in the background. My mom was a big fan of Neil Young, and a good friend, she took pictures of him. Just a nice song, good feeling. Amazing, inspired, very grungy but very 60’s.”

“Love Will Tear Us Apart” (Joy Division)
“Beautiful, gothic, music . . . Ian Curtis was so amazing. This is something I have been getting into recently again, listening to bands like Section 25, which Ian Curtis produced. I have memories of being in clubs in Sussex and Brighton and listening to this a lot.”

“How Soon Is Now” (The Smiths)
“When I was living in a little house called ‘Waterfall’ which I grew up in—a little round house that looks like a lantern and a mushroom—it was kind of the tail end of a period when I was in the woods having a very good time but having a bit of a hard time getting it together, and I just remember listening to this song a lot.”

“The Theme from Twin Peaks” (David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti)
“David Lynch is a good friend of mine . . . I’ve done work with his foundation in Fairfield, Iowa, which raises money to help people learn transcendental meditation. I love this music, it reminds me of when I was in Arizona, pretty young, probably 14, and it was just in the background, really great memories of being with my family when my mom was alive. My sisters really loved it. Twin Peaks was incredible.”

“Old Man” (Tower Records Profile Artist)
“I’ve loved this song forever. I have memories of being in Arizona, probably four or five years ago, grieving my mom a lot, being in our house out there called Dusty Acres, totally on my own and having a weird time. I remember walking around once and seeing a dead coyote . . . I remember learning this song one night and staying up until the sunrise, doing something positive rather than going into some kind of downward spiral.”

from Tower Records

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