Great Story And Pictures From Macca Fan Hernan Hernandez

Here is a great fan story by Hernan Hernandez,who was in New York on July 07th, and was lucky enough to see Paul and Ringo perform together,Hernan was gacious in allowing me to post his acount of the evening with some pictures,and you can see more pics on his Flickr page:


Paul Hams it Up For His Fans! (NYC, July 7, 1010)

On July 7, 2010, The Beatles FABULOUS and vastly under-rated drummer Ringo Starr celebrated his 70th Birthday at a concert with his "All Star Band" at New York's Radio City Music Hall. In addition to his "All Stars" band, which included Edgar Winter and Rick Derringer this year, Ringo was joined onstage, at the end of his concert, by dozens of his friends and family members -- including famous musicians, music biz execs, and John Lennon's widow, Yoko Ono. Ringo thanked us and said good night and everyone left the stage, the lights were dimmed once more... seconds later emerged Ringo's old friend and band-mate, Paul McCartney, flanked by the The Eagle's (and Jame's Gang) Superstar, Joe Walsh, Edgar Winter an Rick Derringer. Paul then launched into a rocking and rollicking version of the Beatles "Birthday," in honor or good ol' Ringo. Apparently Ringo was not expecting Paul and had to scramble back to his drum set to join in. And there it was... an extremely rare 1/2 Beatles reunion (I got great photos of that which will be posted soon -- stay tuned).

After the concert, all of the celebs and Ringo's friends and family went across the street for a party at "Top of the Sixes." An hour and a half later they began to stream out, including the man of the hour, Ringo Starr himself (who looked great and put on a great show for us), George Harrison's widow, Olivia Harrison and many others (Yoko Ono had been whisked away in a limo after the concert and did not attend the party). One of the last celebrities to leave the party was none other than this gentleman above. The one we were all waiting for. However, I seem to have now forgotten his name.

At the end of the concert, Paul and Ringo shared a tender, public moment as they hugged... and from far away I do believe I saw the glistening of happy tears in both men's eyes. Not only had I seen a great concert put on by Ringo and his pals, but I had just seen an extremely rare 1/2 Beatles Reunion.
In this photo, Paul is seen leaving the birthday party with his girlfriend, Nancy Shevell, and hamming it up for his fans. Just one of many, many reasons we love Paul! Moment's after this photo was taken, I scored a surprise "High-Five" from Paul as he leaned out of his window to say goodbye to his fans. How awesome is that!?

Thank you Hernan.

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