Life through Mary McCartney’s Lens

From Grazia

Oh to be a McCartney. Smart, beautiful, talented and oh so very rich. We’ve tried to hate them, we really have, but Stella is just so nice and her clothes are so pretty, James is a sculptor and songwriter (of course), Heather is an acclaimed potter, and Mary is a renowned photographer, it’s just impossible. So we’re delighted that Mary has launched a glossy book, called ‘From Where I Stand’ of her intimate and personal photographs from the 1990s to date, with a celebratory exhibition in London.

From portraits of friends and family, backstage snaps at fashion shows, raw rock concert images and surreal shots, the book feels like her life through the lens. Naturally, it’s full of familiar faces including, Madonna, Bono, Kate Hudson, Kate Moss, Gwyneth Paltrow and of course her dear mum and dad, Linda and Paul. Buy it because you can’t beat the McCartney’s but you desperately want to join them!

From Where I Stand, Thames & Hudson, out now, £19.95

From Where I Stand exhibition is at the Michael Hoppen Gallery, London, from 22nd October onwards.


laura said...

wow great pix of the beatles family,thanks for posting

Anonymous said...

great pics,is Lee pregnant too?