Heather Mccartney's Pottery

Somebody sent me this link to a new blog dedicated to Heather, there are some pics that are new for me, among them these photos of a pot made by Heather,this is the first time I see any of her work,apparently it's from an ebay auction,I wonder if we can find any of her work in the shops.
Anyway here is the link to the blog http://heathermccartneyfans.wordpress.com/


Anonymous said...

I live in Phoenix, AZ. I have a piece very similar to this one..(an early work of hers?) It has the red clay outer and a bright blue gloss glaze inside. It reads, TULIP, HEATHER McCARTNEY on the red clay bottom. I will be posting it on ebay the last week of Oct. 2012. (tomorrow)

Anonymous said...

cool,I think that eather made only one collection and is not working anymore.so these pieces must be rarities.