Paul McCartney crashes Times Square

Paul perforrmed an impromptu 15-minute concert in Times Square inside a big rig's trailer. He's promoting music from his upcoming album, He jokingly said this was his "15 minutes of fame.

Korina Lopez, USA TODAY2:31 p.m. EDT October 10, 2013

If he wants to play in Times Square at the last minute, then that's exactly what happens.

Paul McCartney's been causing all sorts of traffic jams lately. On Sept. 23, Hollywood Boulevard got blocked off for his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!
And today, he sent Twitterverse into orbit with with one Tweet: "Wow! Really excited to be playing New York Times Square at 1pm this afternoon!"

On Wednesday, he surprised a group of students at a school in Queens for his iHeart Radio album release party.
His new album, aptly named New, comes out Oct. 15.
Wonder what he's going to do next?

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