A nice little interview with James

We sat down with British musician James McCartney while we were at Outside Lands Music Festival this past weekend in San Francisco. We met up with James (the only son of Paul McCartney) a few hours before his own set on Day 2 of the Festival and we got him to spill on One Direction, his music, and much more!

Check out the highlights from our interview below:

Why Outside Lands? "I got the opportunity to play here and it's in San Francisco. We just played David Letterman, so it was kind of like a follow up from that. We just did a mini-tour."

Describe his Outside Lands set: "Folky, solo, poppy, rocky kind of stuff... just me on my own."

What did you think of Paul's Headlining Show on Friday? "It was amazing. I was up on the standing area and down by the crew a bit." What was your favorite part? "The End."

Thoughts on One Direction? "I haven't really listened to their music, it's not really my cup of tea." "I think all respect to them being successful in the business."

Who do you want to collaborate with? "I think I'm kind of fulfilling my dreams. I collaborate with my dad a bit, so that's cool. That's the best for me."

Any plans to collaborate with your dad in the near future? "If he has time, he's a super busy man."

One thing you always bring on tour? Essentials? "My pendants."

Plans the rest of the summer? "Shows in Holland, Denmark and then just working on some little side projects."


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Majenta said...

Thank you for posting, and a very nice photo!

Holland and Denmark? Well, James, "Prettige Vakantie en Veel Succes!" and "God tur, en Held og lykke!" (Have a good time, and good luck!)

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