Photographer Mary McCartney goes behind the scenes

Daughter of Paul and Linda McCartney says both parents influenced her style

CBC News Posted: May 13, 2013 3:54 PM ET

 Mary McCartney, daughter of Paul McCartney and his photographer wife, Linda Eastman, followed in her mother’s footsteps to become a photographer.

She grew up surrounded by the bustle of a show business family and her eye was drawn to what happens behind the scenes – at concerts, fashion shows and at dance performances.
Her work, showing at the Izzy Gallery in Toronto, includes her shots of models such as Kate Moss, as well as famous subjects, from Madonna to Elvis Costello.
McCartney says she thrives on the chaos backstage and loves to show her subjects from an unusual angle.
Her famous name has helped open doors for her as a photographer, but McCartney said she learned how to deal with people from her mother, who was a rock photographer.
“She wouldn't sort of harrass her subjects, she would stay in the background, make you feel comfortable, then take a picture and carry on,” McCartney said in this video interview in Toronto.
“So I think she made it look very easy and when you try and do that it's actually really challenging — to take a portrait of someone and get something of them when they don't feel startled.”
McCartney, whose sister is designer Stella McCartney, says she’s also learned from her father, who collected photos as well as dabbling himself.
“Over the years I've gone to exhibitions with him, spoken to him about what he likes, what I like, so it's kind of nice to bounce ideas.”

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