James McCartney Plays A warm Up Gig At the Ambassadors Theatre In London,And Guess Who Showed Up?

James McCartney was surrounded by rock royalty at a small gig after his famous father Paul and Ronnie Wood joined him on stage. The Beatles legend's only son played a preview show at the Ambassadors Theatre ahead of his upcoming U.S. tour, and had called in a favour from Rolling Stone Wood to play guitar during his set.But his dad couldn't resist getting involved at the gig - and surprised James by jumping onstage to play the piano during one of his songs.The Hey Jude hitmaker then rejoined the audience, which included his daughters, Stella and Mary, his wife, Nancy, and Beatles album cover artist Sir Peter Blake, while James finished the sold-out show.

Our friend Faustine was there ,and this is what she had to say about the gig :
Hi! The show was amazing! I loved to hear James' new songs and look forward to his new album "me"!!! Feel free to have a look at our news on James' fan club website!
It was great to see Paul coming on stage to play piano for 3 songs... there was a lovely complicity with James! 
The Macca family was upstairs: Nancy, Mike, Mary, Stella ;-) 
 The set list:
  • “Mexico” (with Ron Wood)
  • “Life's A Pill”
  • “Snap Out Of It”
  • ”Butterfly”
  • ”Bluebell” (piano)
  • ”You And Me Individually”
  • ”Old Man”
  • ”Wisteria”
  • ”Home”
  • ”Angel”
  • ”Snow” (with Ron Wood)
  • ”Wings of A Lightest Weight” (with Ron Wood)
  • ”As Strong As You” (with Paul McCartney and Ron Wood)
  • “It's All About Rock N Roll” (with Paul McCartney and Ron Wood)
  • Encores: “My Friend”
  • “New York Times” (with Paul McCartney and Ron Wood)
To all James fans he has a fantastic fan page www.jamesmccartneyfanclub.com where you can find news,interviews and photos of james please check it out it's amazing.



Faustine said...

Thank you Nawel!

Anonymous said...

Love Mike's beautiful silver hair!

Laura said...

James has lost a few pounds at least good for him ,the new hair cut is such an improvement,
I don't know about the whole dad and Ronnie's support but if James want to be taken seriously as a musician,and I can say he has talent from his first album,I think he sould stop relying on his father to cowtite,produce or perform with him.
May be when e'll establish himself they coud do it but this is too early and it makes it look as if James is unable to do his thing alone.

Anonymous said...

I agree - does James want people coming to see him, or because they might see Paul. I would think the former, but I'm not James. I do like his hair, tho!

Nawel said...

Thanks to you Faustine!

Jane said...

I can see your point Laura,when i heard that Paul co produced the first album I thought that because of his shyness mabe Paul is just trying to help.But then the second album is also produced by his dad and Paul is on stage with him on his first tour date it's too much,the reason why Stella and Mary are successful is because they took their distance from their famous father.
James is very talented but he is 35 and should be able to do it alone.