James Performs At The Wonder Bar Feb 3rd

We have recieved these two pics from our friend Laura great find Lo,

Acoording to the Wonder Bar Facebook page, the show was sold out since thursday afternoon,I am thrilled for him,his US mini tour was a succes with a lot of positive reviews,there are more and more people who are aware of his music,and he is gaining more confidence,I'm sure he can achieve anything he wants.
I wish him the best of luck,and I'll keep following him and keep you all James' fans updated on his next endeavours.


Anonymous said...

OMG HE looks so much like Paul on that second Poto,thank you so much for sharing.

sissialexandra said...

Sold out gig,well that's realy great,I wish im all the success and happiness in the world.

Majenta said...

"Wonder Bar"? Seriously? What an appropriate name for a venue James graces with his talent!

Thanks for sharing! Best wishes from