Paul Mccartney Ballet "Ocean's Kingdom" Premeire


Anonymous said...

Paul looks better in these pictures than he's looked in ages. He and Nancy make a lovely couple.

Now James McCartney ... oy. What a mess. He needs to lose 30 pounds, easily. He certainly proves that vegetarians can be overweight.

Pierrette said...

Alec Baldwin please marry me...
ahm,well Nancy is a stunning woman looking so great at 51 waw.
Stella is looking good these days,good for her she is the best advert for her line.
Sir Paul is looking great at 69,he is happy and proud surrounded by friends and family who came to support him.
James is looking unconfortable as always,but we have to give him some credit he doesn't like the limelight but he is making an effort just to support his Dad,like any tight knit family will do.

Jane said...

James is very cute,the long hair suits him more,but he should try to lose some weight,I bought a bicycle this week and I'm stating to work out this week end ,wanna join Jamie?

Laura said...

Sir Paul is looking better every day must be love.
Nancy's dress is a bit daring but she has the body for it.
And I don't see anything wrong with James actually this is one of the best pix I saw of him ,he's a bit over weight some exercise will fix that.

Emma said...

Love Stella's dress,Nancy looks sensational.Are there any photos for inside the theatre or the dinner party?

Anonymous said...

Nancy's dress? Va-va-voom!!! Paul, you lucky Scouser.

As far as James goes, I see nothing wrong with the bloke. Except perchance his bow-tie tying skills. :)

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