All They Need Is Love

Nancy finaly showed her engagement ring ,and it worhted the wait,Paul bought her a 650000usd vintage Cartier diamond ring (I want to cry now).hee are some details about the engagement and the wdding plans.

The New York Post

Another Brit wedding. Paul McCartney's newest tune's "And Nancy makes three." First Wife Linda Eastman passed on. Second Wife -- and may her tripe increase -- Heather Mills, whom he and possibly the ASPCA's Poison Control shed. The next Lady McCartney? Tall, slim, handsome, long-haired brunette, well-dressed, well-spoken, independently wealthy Nancy Shevell. He's Christian. She's Jewish.

What you haven't read is she's a devoted mother. With ex-husband Bruce Blakeman, a Nassau County lawyer/partial politician, there's a college-age son.

After tour j'eteing four years, the rock star gave rock solid Nancy a ring. Only her family -- and moi -- have touched it. Five carats. Perfect color. Perfect shine. Perfect flawless. Perfect round. "A vintage 1925 Cartier engagement solitaire diamond from Tate Galleries," she said. His Sirship was shown larger stones, but he loves antiques. He presented it in California, where they'd been for days. "A total surprise," she said.

The "soon" wedding will be "small. Just our families. I don't know the exact date. And don't ask what I'll wear because how dressy do you get to stand before a Justice of the Peace in his chambers, which is exactly what we're going to do.

"I'd love to live here but it's probably England." He has a home in London and a farm in the middle of a tribe of sheep someplace. Added the New Yorker VP of her dad's transportation conglomerate: "I still have a job here so I'll commute once a month."

Yesterday, Mother's Day, Nancy was with her kid who gets on A-1 with Sir Billionaire. Today, since she always accompanies the fiancé, it's off to two days in Chile and Peru. McCartney is not one who likes being alone. Then back to NYC's civilization.

Next Sunday, Nancy's whole family gathers -- probably to appraise the stone: Her father, his ladyfriend, her sister, brother-in-law, her son, nevviews, nieces, some cousin, the cousin's kids. Twelve in all.

Wise Nancy's kept her mouth shut throughout. Not only smart, she's also patient.
He's vegetarian. She's vegetarian. The wedding feast will probably be Champagne and tofu.

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