Heather Mccartney Designed Tea Pot

This is a picture I took from Emma's blog,after her permission of course,this is a tea pot from Heather's first collection premiered in 1999,I wonder if we can still find any of her work in the shops these days.


Thomas said...

I was lucky enough to go to an auction today where the person had roughly 100 pieces of Heather's tea pots, cups, and dishes. I only bought 1/2 of them, but they're nice. Not sure yet what I'll do with them. I have one of the teapots shown in the picture as well as a green one of the same design. I also have a lot of soup cups and the plates that go with them all in green. It was exciting to see a picture on here confirming they were from Heather. The previous owner of these dishes said Heather was going to sell them at a shop in Kansas City and that's how she had them.

Nawel said...

Good for you Thomas,it wll be great if you could send us some pictures of the other pieces,this is so rare,congratulations.

Thomas said...

I will charge my camera and take pictures of some of the pieces for you by the weekend.