Yummy Mummy

From The Daily Mail
What are you wearing mummy? Stella McCartney inspired by bandage chic for day at beach with kids

By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 2:02 AM on 30th January 2010

Stella McCartney may have been tasked with designing Alice In Wonderland-inspired jewellery to accompany the forthcoming Disney movie.

But, judging by these pictures of her on holiday in the Caribbean, it looks as though she's taken inspiration from an older action classic, The Mummy.

The fashion queen must be as mad as The Hatter to think that a purple all-in-one that resembles a 1950s bathing costume for the undead is a winning look.

The Adidas design, by Stella herself, will surely hit store shelves soon as the mother-of-three joined forces with the sportswear label in 2008.

Stella said: 'There's just no need for sportswear to be unattractive,
'I was just so disappointed in what was available for women. Sportswear has always been just an afterthought, we're expected to put up with ugly colours and nasty fabrics.'

The designer was on a break ahead of her pre-collection showcase during Paris Couture Fashion Week yesterday.

Looking cool and relaxes in denim and a camel coat, the holiday appeared to have had a relaxing effect.

Stella's show was held at the British Embassy in Paris and featured a cashmere cape, lace dress over lace leggings and a frill-fronted evening dress.

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