Last week reports have surfaced about a couple of low key performances by James' new bad THE LIGHT,the band had performed last wednsday in London at the FLY bar, with Stella and Mary in attendance. And the reports from the show are more than encouraging according to the Sun newspapper ( here )
You can read a review by a concert goer here
I am hoping to listen to the band soon, so I can have an opinion, meanwhile James' attitude is being praised by some reporters, who compared his low key approach and shyness to other celebrity offsprings:

Beatles vs. Stones, next generation

''The children of two of rock’s biggest names have taken a different approach to fame. James McCartney, son of Paul, has always avoided attention. He recently debuted his band Light to just 30 people in a tiny Oxford pub. McCartney, 32, and his band went to extraordinary attempts to conceal the name and parentage of their lead singer. “James has a way with melody,” wrote an approving gossip columnist for the tabloid Sun, “and a set of pipes which are more than a match for his dad’s.” Meantime, Mick Jagger’s toothy daughter Georgia May Jagger is sprawled topless atop a Union Jack in a new advertising campaign for Hudson Jeans. While crossed arms or strategic camera angles keep the photos just on this side of decency, they have still caused a stir, because, to paraphrase an old Beatles tune, she is just 17"

You can read the whole article here
If anyone reading this has attended any of James’ band shows please leave your impressions, thoughts and comments in the comments section,or send me an e-mail and I will publish your reviews.

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